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Meet The Moreno family known as the fiercest family North of Trump Tower with a belief that family always came first in any situation by solving their problems with strong faith and the motto of family sticking together through thick and thin.
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The Moreno Family
[The Morenos] The Moreno Family Portrait by Lady-Cinderella
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Family Rivals and Troublemakers
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Moreno Family   
Magnolia Thompson Avatar by Lady-Cinderella
Magnolia Thompson: The glue that keeps the family together
She is the matriarch of the Thompson family and the glue that keeps the family together. She is a kind hearted, loving albeit determined woman. Hailing from Jackson Mississippi, she is the original southern belle that cooks and cleans. Her hobbies include shopping and spending time with her grandchildren and children.  She worries the most about her eldest son but knows that he needs to be given a chance to grow and spread his wings on his own.  She is closest to her grandsons and granddaughter the most.

Charlie Thompson Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Charlie Thompson Jr.: The one that does not have it together
The eldest son of the Thompson family with a variety of problems. He is known to try to create get rich quick schemes. He helps at the Thompson Vehicle manufacturing company as head of advertisement. He hates to ask for help while scheming a way to get what he wants or a bigger slice of the inheritance. He worries Magnolia the most due to not being able to take care of himself properly. He used to be a drug addict in the early 80’s and 90’s but has been sober and clean for many years. However, he appears to be jealous, angry at the world and unable to keep his life together.

Linda Moreno Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Linda Moreno: CEO super mom
The head of the Moreno family and mother of three, she is a hardworking, mature and understanding oldest daughter of the family. She is very loving with her children but also a strict woman.  She serves as main CEO of Moreno Technologies and Vice President of the Thompson Vehicle manufacturing company.  She raises her family in the way of the middle class showing them that to get through life it comes with hard work and dedication instead of having it handed to you.       

Roy Thompson Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Roy Thompson: The mad scientist with a heart as big as Lake Erie
He is the youngest son of the Thompson family with a love of science, and all things in life. He is kind hearted with a way to make you laugh when you are feeling blue. His favorite pastimes are playing dominos and perfecting his inventions. Serving as head of the Moreno technologies science department, he is always inventing new ways to help humanity. However, most of his experiments involve nearly blowing himself to kingdom come but they usually result in a huge hole in the wall or him being blown out of his shoes. He is always the one to help his family in times of need and will always be there for them.

Anne Thompson Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Anne Thompson: The youthful television personality
She is the youngest daughter of the Thompson family with a tender heart and shown to be very confident. Many people that assume she cannot handle the high-powered world of being a CEO often question her job in the family. She was given the role of hostess of a television show that her father had once run as a religious music show but has made it more teen-oriented with it serving as a modernized version of Soul Train known as “The tunnel”. She is the cool and youthful aunt with being a favorite amongst her nephews and niece. She does not enjoy her family fighting and will try to help them get along as much as she can.  Anne is usually a social butterfly and she goes out on some weekends to dance or spend some quiet weekends at home keeping up on social media and television.

Jay Moreno Jr Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
James Moreno Jr.: The Tech Savvy genius
He is the oldest son of Linda and James Moreno, a laid back young man that seems to be very quiet often keeping to himself a lot. He does possess a temper like both his parents but keeps it in check unless something really angers him.  As the oldest son, he was originally expected to be head of the family’s company until he went to the military.  However, after losing full use of his legs in an accident during his tour of duty in Iraq. He returned him where he began working in the development of new technologies for the company.  He is currently engaged to his fiancée of four years and fellow military soldier Libby Parker.

Janine Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Janine Moreno: The rising star dreamer
The middle child and only daughter of Linda and James Moreno, a bright-eyed dreamer with hopes of making it big in the music industry. She like her family loves spending time with them but also doing her own thing too. With a love of music, and shopping she is a blend of both sides of her family. Her grades may not be spectacular but she makes up for it with determination and heart. She has a wonderful singing voice and performs with her friends in a garage band. She is still trying to find her way through life hoping to become her own person.

Darin Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Darin Moreno: The gamer
The youngest son of Linda Moreno and an unknown man (Linda only knows who he is.), a young impressionable five-year-old with a strong sense of wonder. He enjoys playing video games and spending time with his older brother and sister. He has a love of animals but has a hard time taking care of them. He is still learning about the world around him looking to his family for guidance as he grows up. He is found with a game system or controller at all times.

Libby Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Liberty “Libby” Parker: The military babe      
She is Jay’s talkative fiancée with a strong love of spending time with her friends and family. As she has gotten to know the Moreno family, she has become a part of the family. She is very handy with repairs around the house and able to help in the kitchen. She loves Jay so much and cannot wait to marry him so they can be a family. She is expecting her first child (a girl) in March.

Family Friends 

Laura Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Laura McCoy: The calm best friend
She is Janine’s best friend and fellow bandmate. She is very confident, outspoken and always ready to perform. She likes wearing dark colors. Laura believes that anything can be solved with the strum of her guitar. She is tomboyish and rarely seen in a skirt unless it is a life or death situation. As a closet Otaku, she loves the series Gundam Wing, Her favorite thing to do is write new music and play her guitar. She owns an Atomic Pink Star Shaped Guitar that she rarely leaves behind. She is a dancing majorette in her high school’s marching band.

Irene Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Irene Yearwood: The crazy best friend
She is Janine’s second best friend and one of the closest. She is a cute bubbly intelligent blonde who loves music. She is shy at times but breaks out of her shell once she hits the stage. She loves playing the drums so much that she is never anywhere without her sticks. She is a huge fan of KISS and like Laura and Janine, she is part of Planet Spice (A Spice Girls fan club) her hobby is designing costumes and visiting Egyptian Museums. She is on the Central Performing Arts High School’s Swim Team and Track Team.

DeAndre Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
De’Andre “Fats” Williams: The future Heavy D
He is Janine’s male best friend and fellow stage performer. He idolizes Heavy D and The Notorious B.I.G. as well as CeeLo Green. His rapping skills are something left to be desired as he cannot flow like most rappers can but he is able to sing pretty well which surprises a lot of people. He likes Michael Jackson and made it his mission to dance like him. He is a big lovable young man who enjoys hanging out with his friends, choreographing dance routines. He is on the football team as the Linebacker. He serves as Laura, Irene, and Janine’s manager, choreographer and promoter.  He gets his nickname after his favorite character from Showbiz Pizza place.

Rachel Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Rachel Thompkins: The true blue bestie
She is Janine’s first best friend since the moment they met in preschool when Rachel moved to the neighborhood mansion across the street. The two girls have been through everything together and will do everything they can to help one another. She is very outspoken, prone to getting into trouble and fiercely protective of her siblings. She helps the band a lot such as playing the bass guitar and singing back up.

Mandy Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Mandy Logan: The Yoga Beauty
She is Janine’s friend and has recently met her in high school. She is very much a young girl who knows what she wants. People assume that she is scary but that is far from the truth. She is very lovable with a strong desire to always be around her friends. She plays keyboards in the band and has been known to sing lead on some songs. Everyone knows that she is usually the one to lead the girls in an after performance relaxation yoga session.

Masaya Profile by Lady-Cinderella
Masaya Namiki: The rich working boy
He is Janine’s newest friend. He transferred from the boarding school he attended in Okinawa Japan. He is the son of the owner of the pizzeria that Janine and her friends work at after school. He is very smart and has a playful personality but hides it under an unapproachable exterior. He is seen around the pizzeria observing everyone and has a habit of staring at people too long due to analyzing the outward mannerisms of people. He is currently in the same homeroom as Janine and the others. All of them are friends.

Kamiko Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Kamiko Namiki: The understanding mother
Kamiko is Masaya and Arisu’s loving mother. She is a jewelry consultant at Macy’s Department store. She is a devoted wife and mother to her family. When she is angered it can be dangerous.

Arisu Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Arisu Namiki: The cute imouto
Arisu is the youngest and only daughter of the Namiki family. She can be a bit of a pest but she is rather sweet. She loves her older brother Masaya a lot and enjoys teasing him.

Shia Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Shia Waters: The little neighbor cutie
Shia is Darin’s classmate and somewhat of a friend. She lives across the street from the Moreno family mansion and comes to walk to school with Darin every day. She has a crush on Darin and finds enjoyment in torturing him as her way of showing that she likes him a lot.

Rose Robertson: The family’s favorite cousin
Rose is the cousin of the Thompson family. She and Linda are as close as two people can be. She is very quiet and at times known to be on the phone with Linda.  She visits the family and helps a lot whenever she can and is talented in styling hair. She lives a down the street from the Moreno family mansion. She has three sons and a daughter all of which are close to their cousins as well.

Linda Rowen: The reliable best friend
Like her friend and God sister Linda Moreno. She is headstrong, sassy and fiercely protective of her family and friends. She can be very much of a party girl given the chance but is mostly home helping out anyone she can. She and Linda have been friends since elementary school and are always together out shopping, working or going on trips together. They may have moments of being at odds with each other but they will be there for one another no matter what.

Georgia Norris: The calming bestie
She is Anne’s best friend since they were babies. She is calmer than that of the hyper outgoing Anne. She serves as a producer of the dance show and Anne’s assistant. The two of them know each other more than anyone. She visits the family mansion from time to time spending most of her time with Anne. She adores the Moreno children and talks to them as well.

                                        Family Rivals and Troublemakers

Katisha Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Katisha Blanche: The wannabe queen bee
Katisha is Janine’s rival and one of the girls at Central Arts High School who believes that she is an A-lister when she is really a D-lister. She is often accompanied by her two “yes women” Portia (Laura’s Rival) and Amber (Irene’s rival). She is almost always on a constant mission to get ahead of Janine in her life.

Portia Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Portia Kane: The Valley Girl follower
Portia is Katisha's friend and rival to Laura. She comes off as a bit of a snob but is really looking for acceptance in any social circle she can be a part of. She always follows through with Katisha's plans.

Amber Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Amber Drake: The Errand Girl
Amber is Katisha's friend and rival to Irene. She is snobby and rude with an attitude that enjoys torturing others. She always follows through with Katisha's plans.  Despite being Katisha's friend she is treated like a maid by the other two.

Marshall Jennings Profile Picture by Lady-Cinderella
Marshall Jennings: The Theater Teacher from Hell
Marshall is the Central Arts High School theater teacher that believes everything he produces is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He is a cold, and cocky man that gives his students detention if they say anything terrible about his productions or don’t jump at the chance to participate in them.  Many of the teachers at Central Arts don’t like him at all and find him to be a bit of a pain in the ass.
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